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"White Pages" is an international standard to search for people and phone numbers in nearly all the countries of the world.
The expression is almost as old as the phone itself which was invented in 1876, 13 years before the construction of the Eiffel Tower, another telecommunications symbol.

"White Pages" were first adopted by the national phone companies of several English speaking countries before being used in non-English speaking countries as well. With the internet White Pages have become much more popular than Yellow Pages. for Mexico is also connected to the Phone Book of the sending even more highly targeted people search traffic for Mexico. Test out a link for your business ... with payments being handled on a monthly basis you can easily unsubscrible. Every submitted website is verified by a member of our staff. We reserve the right not to accept advertisements on a case by case basis. In case of refusal the first payment would simply be returned. Your link text can be max 250 characters long.
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